This blog is where we share our homeschooling journey. Our style is eclectic, employing strategies like notebooking, workboxing, and some relaxed unschooling I like to call organic or free-range learning.

About Us

 We live in Southern California in a convenient (but warm) desert locale situated within an hour’s drive from all sorts of adventures, many of which we are still getting around to exploring. I'm living proof that a mom can homeschool her child while working a full-time job outside the home AND pursue a career on the side doing something I love--writing. I am a homeschool and secretary by day and a romance author by night.

Brianna, our unschooler
I have 7 children and 7 grandchildren. Most of my kids were homeschooled at one time or another. Bri, the youngest, is the first to have been homeschooled exclusively. We have tried a variety of approaches and find that an organic “unschooling” approach works best for her.

I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to offer and fun ways to show Bri the world. It's a big classroom, after all, and I'm still finding my way around.

2 of my grandsons are unschooling now too!