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Monday, March 8, 2010

Virtual Field Trips via Webcam!

As with most homeschoolers, Wonder World Academy enjoy numerous field trips. Whether to the library or post office, museums, parks, or Disneyland, our class room is constantly on the move. But there are times when it is not feasible to go a-roaming, such as when our schedules are overworked, the weather uncooperative, or our child is feeling poorly and not fit for public consumption.

Enter the internet, land of a million opportunities to discover new things about our world. While we frequently "visit" different places online, it can be most fun to visit "live" via streaming web cams piping in the latest and greatest adventures of wildlife, farm life, etc. This has become a great educational opportunity whereby we can snuggle up together on the couch, then visit any number of locations to watch polar bears swimming at the zoo, hummingbird babies in their nest, or puppies entertaining the world with their antics. Questions always arise while we watch, so this "couch time" is always educational. How many schools out there can boast one field trip per month, let alone every day? And I love that we can learn even on days when our child is not feeling the greatest, days she would ordinarily have to stay home from regular school and "miss out." Instead, these opportunities help cheer up an under-the-weather youth.

To find live web cam opportunities, try OR Google "live web cam animals" or a specific location. PARENTS: Due to the adult nature of many web cam internet broadcasts, do be sure to supervise searches for live feed field trips.

Here's a favorite a fellow homeschooling family shared with us recently:
Live TV : Ustream


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