This blog is where we share our homeschooling journey. Our style is eclectic, employing strategies like notebooking, workboxing, and some relaxed unschooling I like to call organic or free-range learning.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mingle

In my other guise as a romance author, I've done a few blog hops in my day...but this Monday Mingle is a first for Wonder World Classroom!

Thanks to Tough Cookie Mommy for launching this great hop.

About our unschooling family: I have seven children, all of whom are grown except the youngest, 9-year-old Bri. Almost all were exposed to some type of homeschooling at one time or another, beginning with the oldest back in 1988. None, however, were unschooled. We knew from age 3 that we wanted to homeschool Bri exclusively, and of the various forms we've tried, unschooling has worked best by far.

Our style of unschooling is rather middle-of-the-road, meaning we're not radical unschoolers, nor are we particularly structured. What IS structured for us is a mindset, a sort of radar switch that my husband Mike and I turn on every morning. That switch allows us to focus on what Brianna is doing/saying/interested in to use these as learning tools. It might be a quick lesson on calculating tax on a new toy, research on a segment we're filming for her new YouTube Channel, or a visit to the local museum. There is learning inherent in everything we do, and for us as unschooling parents, we keep on the lookout for those light-bulb-over-the-head moments when Bri is most receptive to learning a particular concept. We also watch out for the warning alarms that say we're trying too hard to impart something she is not ready for.

Anyway, we are happy to be jumping on the blog hop circuit! I am eager to meet some fellow hoppers. Happy Monday!


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